The Sun is reporting this morning that an Alexis Sanchez Man Utd move is on the cards.
I hope this isn’t true as I, and I’m pretty sure most Gunners, would rather see a Sanchez City move than a Sanchez Man Utd move, if those are the only two options.

There is no doubt that Sanchez would be an attractive proposition for any ambitious top team, especially those in the EPL who can afford him and his signing-up fee, rumoured also by The Sun to be 25million. Therefore, it’s no big surprise that Man Utd might also be interested.

However, knowing how petty Mourinho is and how envious he has appeared to be of our manager, you just know he’s not only interested in a Sanchez Man Utd move because of the player’s EPL pedigree but because it represents a chance to score a psychological and political point over Wenger and Arsenal.

Having always been jealous of Wenger’s consistency and longevity, Abrahamovich’s decision to let Cech join us against his wish was the final straw. Since then, he’s been openly bitter about our manager, using every opportunity, including their press-conference against other teams, to aim digs at Wenger.

Also, we’ve lost some good players to City down the years but none so painful and involving a world-class talent like RVP. Hence, I’ll so loathe the idea of losing Sanchez, again, to Man Utd.

Perhaps, a move to Real Madrid might be the saving grace in all of this, as The Express reported a few days ago that Sanchez will join Real if assured about Benzema.

Can Reiss Nelson genuinely replace one of Sanchez or Ozil?
One of the most eagerly awaited events in our season so far is seeing the prodigiously talented Reiss Nelson start a game for the first-team.

Nelson prepares for Doncaster. In the event of a Sanchez Man Utd move, can he step up adequately? (Pic:

On the evidence of his appearances in preseason, the under-23s, and the Cologne cameo, the boy is very good and exciting.

There is a saying in football: “if you’re good enough, then you’re old enough”, and Nelson looks like one of those rare talents – such as Ronaldo (Lima), Neymar, Fabregas (for us), and Mbappe – who is ready to shine from day one, at such a tender age, and at any level of the game.

Apart from the obvious need to rest our first-team players, it is also very crucial to know by the end of a season where we might be losing both Sanchez and Ozil that we have a ready-made replacement from the academy for one of them.

I just can’t imagine that Arsene and Arsenal will dip into their pockets and look to replace both Sanchez and Ozil with players of the same calibre, after losing them both for nothing.

It’s better to splash £90million on one marquee signing, possibly Lemar, if the Sanchez Man Utd move materializes, and promote Nelson, than spending £40million each on two average players and, in the process, also stunt Nelson’s progress.

The boy has every skill and technique in the book: he dribbles past players easily, has pace, chips and lobs goalkeepers, scores free-kicks and, most crucially, has confidence.

A start tonight in the Carabao Cup, against Doncaster Rovers, should go along way in Wenger’s objective of making him a fixture in our first-team come summer.


Are you bothered about a Sanchez Man Utd move?

Do you think Nelson if given adequate chances can be good enough to replace Sanchez or Ozil come summer?

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