Hi, my name is Seyi (Imbuedman), a Gunner since 1997. I took notice of Arsenal at a time when teams like Ajax and AC Milan ruled European football. Compared to Manchester United or Liverpool, the name Arsenal had a very classy, cosmopolitan and non-establishment feel to it.

I also found the uniformity of the first five letters of ARSENE and ARSENAL really fascinating and ominous. The arrival in 1999 of my favourite Nigerian player of all time, Kanu, his incredible early goals and Arsenal’s beautiful style of play sealed my discipleship.

Arsenal Imbued is created primarily for analysis and insights on all things Arsenal Football Club. The odd news item and useful information for Arsenal fans worldwide would be posted too.

This site is open to and welcoming of the inputs (comments, suggestions and guests posts) of all people inspired by the Gunner Spirit.